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About Kerry

Kerry has been a piano technician since 1974. He began by serving a one-year apprenticeship with well-known technician and teacher James Geiger in Springfield, Ohio. Kerry worked in the Springfield area for the next several years, tuning, rebuilding and moving pianos. After his mentor moved to Houston, Kerry took over most of the concert work in the area, as well as serving as the piano technician for Wittenberg University and the Springfield Symphony. In 1984, he came to Kent, Ohio, to serve as the first full-time piano technician for the School of Music at Kent State University. A growing interest in computer technology led him to a degree in business information systems, and in August 2000, Kerry graduated from Kent State Summa Cum Laude as the class Valedictorian. Moving into the IT area, he worked as a consultant and software engineer while continuing to tune pianos part-time. Today, Kerry's wide-ranging interests have led to a business which includes piano tuning and rebuilding, database consulting and website design. He is also a lifelong musician and songwriter, performing solo and in various groups on guitar and violin.


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