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Besides tuning and minor repairs, your piano will require other kinds of service from time to time, depending on how much it gets played, environmental factors in its location, and how responsive you need it to be. Following is a brief description of some of these services (please contact us by phone or email for a more detailed explanation of any of these):

Regulation - adjusting all of the action parts and keys so they work in the correct relationship to each other. Regulation affects the speed and accuracy of the way the keys respond and corresponds roughly to a tuneup in a car.

Voicing - correcting the shape and playing surface of the hammers and adjusting their relationship to the strings in order to allow the best possible tone quality for a given piano.

Reconditioning - restoring a piano to optimal playing condition using (mostly) the existing parts. This may involve repairing the soundboard, bridges, strings and other structural components, repinning loose action parts, repairing broken or missing parts, reshaping the hammers, rebushing and/or recovering the keys and regulating the action.

Rebuilding - restoring a piano to like-new condition. This usually involves replacing structural components like the pinblock and sometimes the soundboard, replacing all or most of the action parts, regulation and voicing and refinishing.

Cleaning - on an upright, this usually involves vacuuming out the action, inside of the cabinet and under the keys (it's amazing what accumulates under there!). On a grand, additional cleaning includes cleaning the soundboard, strings and plate.

Humidity Control Systems - we install and service Dampp Chaser humidity control systems. These systems are recommended if your home or other location is subject to changes in humidity levels (here in Ohio few are not). A partial (de-humidification only) or complete system (adding a humidifier and related equipment) can reduce the need for frequent tuning and will considerably enhance the performance and longevity of your piano. We are happy to supply more infomation on request and answer any questions on these systems.

Appraising - evaluating and reporting on a piano's condition and current value in the marketplace. Appraisals may be informal for purposes of evaluating an instrument you are considering buying or selling, or a formal written appraisal for insurance or other legal needs.

Purchase Consulting - buying a piano can be a major financial and emotional investment, and as such demands careful consideration. I can help you evaluate your requirements and find the right instrument for your needs and budget.


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